How To Transfer Telegram Channel or Group Ownership

Transferring the ownership of a Telegram Group is a straightforward procedure that can be completed in a matter of several steps. 

If you’re the current proprietor of the organization and wish to hand over the responsibility to another person or you’re an existing member of the group and would like to assume ownership it’s similar. In this post, we’ll walk through the steps needed to transfer ownership of a Telegram group.

Why Can’t I Transfer Telegram Group Ownership?

Before you can transfer ownership of a group to the Telegram channel or group make sure you’ve disabled two-factor authentication. If you’ve enabled this feature, the process of transfer is fast.

If you are not able to enable two-factor authentication, then you need to wait for seven days before you enable the feature before you can begin the process of transfer ownership. In addition, you have to have been using Telegram for more than 24 hours.

Thus, if are not able to enable two-factor authentication, you must comply with the instructions below to enable this prior to beginning the transfer of ownership process for groups.

  1. Open Telegram, click the three-line icon, then choose “Settings.”
  2. Tap on “Privacy and Security.”
  3. Choose ” Two-Step Verification ” and complete the procedure.

How To Transfer Telegram Group Ownership

1. Open Telegram and go to the group that you would like to transfer ownership.

2. tap the name of the group at the upper right of your screen to display the settings for the group.

3: Tap the “Edit” button next to the name of the group. This will open a menu that will offer a variety of options to edit the group.

4. Scroll to the lower part of the menu and click on “Change Group Owner”. This will display a new screen showing all members who belong to the same group.

5: Choose the person you wish to transfer ownership of in the drop-down menu of members in the group. You can scroll through the list of members to locate the user or make use of the search bar located at on the right side of your screen. You can locate the user’s name.

6: Once you’ve picked as the owner of your choice, press the “Done” button to confirm the transfer.

Transfer Telegram Group Ownership on Mobile App

Android, as well as iPhone users, can use their smartphones to connect to the Telegram app and alter the group’s ownership, as described in this section.

  1. Open to launch the Telegram program on your cell phone.
  2. Start the chat in the group and tap on the names of the groups for which you would like to transfer ownership rights.
  3. Tap on the pencil icon.
  4. Select the “Administrators” option,
  5. Select to select the ” Add Admin ” option, and select the administrator that will be the new owner.
  6. Make sure you enable”Add New Admins” and enable the “Add New Admins” option.
  7. Click on ” Transfer Group Ownership ” at the end.
  8. Hit Make sure to click on the menu that pops up.

After you have completed the steps mentioned above you’ll notice that the owner of the group was changed over to the administrator you have added. The new owner is now able to take on different management tasks like adding new members, altering the name of the group, and so on.

Transfer Telegram Group Ownership on Desktop Computer

If you’re accessing Telegram using a computer these steps will allow you to transfer ownership of the group.

  1. Access Telegram on your computer.
  2. Hit the menu (three-dot) icon next to the head of the discussion group.
  3. Select the “Manage group” option.
  4. Tap the “Administrators” option.
  5. Select the admin you wish to control this group.
  6. Allow the ” Add new admins ” button to allow an owner who is new to allow new admins to join.
  7. Select”Transfer ownership” and click the “Transfer ownership” button and confirm your decision.

In the event of transferring ownership to a Telegram Group, that individual must be an administrator. Telegram lets you promote the administrator level. Once you have done this you can then designate them as the owner.


Transferring the ownership of a Telegram group is a simple process that can be done in a matter of several steps. If you’re currently the owner of a group and wish to hand over the responsibility to someone else, or you’re part of the group but want to become the owner it’s identical. Follow the steps by this guideline and you’ll ready to transfer the ownership to your Telegram group within a matter of minutes.


What can I do to change the ownership of the Telegram channel?

If you wish to change ownership, you must open the channel, click its name, then choose an Administrators selection. You can enable adding new admins once you have selected the admin who will be the new owner of the channel and choose to change the ownership.

2. How do I transfer ownership of the Telegram group from a deleted account?

I have an account. I’ve deleted my account. when I re-join Telegram, can I get back admin status? Only way you can gain administrator (not owners) status is to have previously appointed admins to help in running the channel. They’ll then be able to assign you admin status on the new account.

3. What is the different between Admin and owner in the Telegram group?

As long as you’ve got the authority to do this you are able to customize the roles of each administrator within the group. But the role of creator/owner is the most powerful role on Telegram. They are able to assign new admins, set all the rights of each user, or even deactivate the entire chat channel or group.

4. Does Telegram pay the group’s owners?

Telegram is not able to permit you to set up an account for a subscription or earn money directly from your group or channel members. But, the creator-focused Rigi app lets you do this free of charge in the simplest of steps.

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