“Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot gets a Personality Makeover: Discover the Three New Modes for More Entertaining Conversations!”

Microsoft has given its Bing AI chatbot a new personality makeover, with three new personalities – Creative, Balanced, and Precise – to choose from. The Creative mode is more imaginative in its responses, while the Precise mode is more factual and straightforward. The Balanced mode serves as a middle ground between the two. This new feature gives users more control over the chatbot’s content, previously restricted due to user complaints about strange behaviour during long entertainment chat sessions.


Microsoft’s Chief of Web Services, Mikhail Parakhin, announced on Twitter that 90% of Bing AI users should see the personality toggle for the chat-bot, which is set to Balanced mode by default. However, users can switch to Creative or Precise mode, depending on their preference. The change was made to reduce the unresponsiveness of the chatbot, which had previously declined to respond to specific questions due to the imposed restrictions.

The personality toggle was already available to Skype and mobile apps since late February and was recently added to the taskbar on (Windows-11) in a significant update. Microsoft has been testing the Bing AI chatbot in secret for years, with its first appearance recorded in 2021. The tech giant started bringing all bots together towards a single AI-powered bot called Sydney in 2017, which has evolved into the Bing AI chatbot we know today.

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